Tasting :

The wine has a very attractive yellow gold colour.

The bouquet is very aromatic, an explosion of spices and exotic fruit.

This is a rich, well-built wine with characteristic aromas of exotic fruit (lychee), flowers (rose) and spices. It is voluptuous, powerful and seductive, with a touch of sweetness.

Food pairing :

Gewurztraminer is the most authentic illustration of the originality and typicality of Alsace wines and goes perfectly with richly flavoured food and strong cheeses like Munster. It is perfect with foie gras but also dishes with aromatic herbs and spices. This is the ideal partner for numerous Asian dishes inspired by Cantonese cuisine or that of China in general, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India. It also makes a very distinctive aperitif.

Ageing :

Gewurztraminer ages well, particularly wines with greater potential and maturity. Excellent within 10 years, served at 8° to 10°C.