Our estate’s motto could be summarized as : “Taste, Eat and Sleep”

The Bernard Scherb estate consists of three separate companies that are complementary. Obviously we have our wine cellars and tasting rooms, but also an hotel (Le Relais du Vignoble) owned and managed by the Roth family and a restaurant (Le Belle Vue) managed by Mme Fabienne Boeschert and her team.

Our family have been winegrowers for 4 generations, so although our winegrowing heritage goes back to 1646, the principal development of the estate has been over the past thirty years…

A few historical notes will help you understand our evolution down the years…


Mr SCHERB Bernard

Recently deceased at the age of 91, Bernard took over the running of two hectares of vineyards originally farmed by his father, Georges Scherb.


Operating the restaurant

Bernard’s wife was the daughter of the owners of “Le Belle Vue” and so the young couple took over the running of the restaurant together while raising 7 children… !


Bernard Scherb Jr. takes over the restaurant

Their eldest son, Bernard Jr., took over his parents’ restaurant which he ran brilliantly until his retirement in 2008.


Pierre and Marcel Scherb

Two other sons, Pierre and Marcel, continued to tend their father’s two hectares of vineyards. They bought some new plots, planted others, and increased their holding from two to more than six hectares !


Construction of the wine cellar

Pierre and Marcel Scherb built the cellar that we know today in the vineyards next to the restaurant.


Construction of the hotel

Bernard Scherb decided to build an hotel between his restaurant and his sons’ wine cellar, and so the “Taste, eat and sleep” concept was born ! After three years’ construction work, the hotel opened in 1985.


Creation of the SCEA

The vineyard and wine business became a Société Civile d’Exploitation Agricole (limited company).



In 2010 Georges Scherb took over from his father Pierre and bought the shares of his uncle Marcel. Georges is now in sole charge of a company that continues to expand, with already 10 hectares of vineyards.


ineyard expansion

The estate continues to expand, reaching almost 14 hectares !


Birth of our new internet web site

This new site enables us to keep in touch with our customers, to share important events and to inform them about good opportunities… Today we are a wine estate with 1 owner whose vocation is firmly established, 3 full-time employees, 1 part time employee and 2 apprentices. Our company will continue its growth and our current 15 hectares of vineyards will increase with time !


Obtention du Label HVE3

Ce label, qui est en pleine expansion, est une certification qui permet d'attester que les éléments de la biodiversité (haies, bandes enherbées, arbres, fleurs, insectes...) sont très largement présents sur l'exploitation et que la pression des pratiques agricoles sur l'environnement (air, climat, eau, sol, biodiversité, paysages) est réduite au maximum. Nous sommes pionniers dans notre région!


Conversion bio

Suite logique à notre façon de faire... Nous commençons la conversion pour obtenir le label bio dans quelques années...