Tasting :

It has a fine deep yellowy colour.

Pinot Gris has a discreet bouquet which opens to reveal great aromatic complexity. It develops typically smoky, woodland aromas : charred twigs, moss, dried fruit, apricot, honey, beeswax, gingerbread…

On the palate it is opulent, well-structured, rich and round, with all the aromas initially revealed on the bouquet.

Food pairing :

It is ideal with foie gras, game, white meats, roasts and offal (liver and kidneys). Pinot Gris can also replace a red wine with a meat dish and makes a very classy aperitif.

Ageing :

With its well-balanced acidity and touch of residual sugar Pinot Gris can age well, revealing its quality over 8 years. Ideally, serve it at 8 to 10°C.